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Andreas Solomos is a Toronto lawyer. He has helped thousands of clients resolve their family law issues. For over 30 years, he appeared before courts in Toronto and the GTA.

Our law office is dedicated to providing the best legal representation to safeguard the interests and legal rights of our clients. We provide an informal, non-threatening atmosphere. You can be assured that your child support and custody claims will be dealt with in a completely confidential and respectful setting. The objective is to help you minimize the emotional and financial trauma that you may experience when faced with distressing situations. We work hard to represent you; to provide the information and guidance you will need to make the best possible decisions.

We deal with:

  • Access to Children by parents, grandparent's and other's right to access;

  • Child Custody disputes;

  • Parenting plans;

  • Child Protection cases (CAS) involving the child protection societies of Ontario and in particular the Children's Aid Society of Toronto and the Catholic Children's Aid Society-Toronto cas lawyer

  • Child Support claims and child support variations

  • Exclusive Possession of the Matrimonial Home

  • Applications divorce in Canada

  • Periodic, time-limited  and Lump-sum Spousal Support

  • Prenuptial agreements, including cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts

  • Mobility Rights of custodial mother or father i.e. whether the parent who has custody can move to another province or country with the child or children

  • Monthly Spousal Support and variations of such support

  • Paternity Agreements

  • Pension Division

  • Property Division

  • Restraining Orders

  • Sale of Property

  • Second Opinions regarding divorce law issues

  • Separation Agreements

  • Claims for Special & Extraordinary Expenses regarding children, such as post-secondary education costs, day care costs, and costs for extracurricular activities of children

  • Trials before the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Ontario Court of Justice

  • Motions for summary judgment

  • Motions for Variations of family court orders and Agreements

  • Separation agreements

  • Other special disputes, such as disputes regarding estate issues

Andreas Solomos combines over 30 years of practical legal experience. He has extensive academic legal knowledge and qualifications. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management (Marketing) from Ryerson University (Toronto) and Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall Law School.

In a span of a 30-year legal career, Andreas has represented thousands of clients and negotiated fair resolutions of matrimonial disputes. Andreas is dedicated to delivering incisive advice and effective representation. All legal consultations are kept in strict confidence.

An ambition to be one of the best legal practitioners underpins this lawyer’s professional policy. He aims to achieve this goal through continuous participation in continuing legal education and by incessantly improving the quality of his legal services to enable him to offer consistently high standards of client service in the field of family litigation with affordable costs.

As one of Toronto's diversified family lawyers, Andreas Solomos embraces responsibilities that extend beyond his client work. Through an active program of pro bono, including legal aid cases, arts and charitable initiatives, his aim is to develop strong links with the local community.

If you need help with child custody, support or access, this lawyer may be able to assist you. He can meet with you as soon as possible to discuss your case; he will provide you with information about the law applicable to your case; he will advise you about separation law issues; and he will provide with information about basic court procedure.

Call Mr. Solomos for a private consultation at 416 465 9955.

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